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Why We Love It These unassuming little seeds seem to be everywhere- topping baked goods, sprinkled on stir-fry and adorning your salads.  But do you know how impactful these seeds can be to your health? Packed full of b vitamins and calcium, they can help sustain your energy levels and support strong bones and contain [ continue reading → ]

why we love it While dandelion is often considered a pesky “weed” that invades the yard come springtime, this bright yellow flowered delicacy surprisingly has some transformative health benefits too.  Don’t poison it just yet. The main therapeutic component in dandelion, taraxacin, stimulates the digestive system and prompts the liver and gallbladder to release bile. [ continue reading → ]

why we love it It’s no wonder that ginger is often called the ‘universal remedy’. This spice is packed full of nutrients and comes with multiple benefits for your health. Not only that, but with its zesty, peppery flavor, it is just as tasty as it is beneficial! One of the most common uses for [ continue reading → ]

why we love it We’ve all seen kimchi before, but let’s be honest. How many of us have actually tried it?  This staple of Korean dishes is actually a wealth of probiotic cultures which can do wonders for digestion and raising our immune function. Kimchi can be made with all different types of vegetables but [ continue reading → ]

Isn’t it fantastic when you find out that one of the foods you appreciate is extra-beneficial to your health? Serendipity! Many of us already incorporate cinnamon into our diets, whether it be through a spiced latte or as a seasoning. Let’s dig into the ins and outs of cinnamon. Where should i purchase cinnamon? Market [ continue reading → ]

Why we love them This peppery, crunchy vegetable is often used as an addition to salads. But with all of its health benefits, it’s time to give radishes a little bit more credit. Radishes are a very powerful detoxifying vegetable and can be used to lower bilirubin levels to prevent jaundice. They are also alkaline-forming [ continue reading → ]

Why we love them With their healthy amounts of fiber, many nutritionists recommend pomegranates for weight loss and to help lower cholesterol levels. Pomegranates are low in saturated fats and cholesterol while also providing a great source of vitamin C. The beautiful inside of a pomegranate is filled with ruby-red arils, or seed sacs, that [ continue reading → ]

Why we love them Many of us think of nettles as the prickly plant that packs a painful or prickly touch. But don’t keep your distance just yet! Nettles just happen to be Nature’s MULTI-vitamin bursting at the seams with vitamins and minerals in the perfect balanced ratios. Don’t believe me? Check out the chart HERE . [ continue reading → ]

why we love them Collard greens are one of the best sources of vitamin C as well as providing vitamin K and soluble fiber. Full of glucosinolates, this cruciferous vegetable has the ability to lower inflammatory toxins and fight off cancer. Collard greens have a bit of a stronger flavor than spinach and can be [ continue reading → ]

Celery ROOT otherwise known as celeriac. It’s the unsung hero that gets no fame as it’s “older brother” – celery STALK claims the fame. No more hiding Mr. Celery root, it’s time to trumpet your benefits from the hilltops. Between it’s digestive and adrenal supporting love, celeriac deserves a spot in your refrigerator and plate. [ continue reading → ]