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Why we love them This peppery, crunchy vegetable is often used as an addition to salads. But with all of its health benefits, it’s time to give radishes a little bit more credit. Radishes are a very powerful detoxifying vegetable and can be used to lower bilirubin levels to prevent jaundice. They are also alkaline-forming [ continue reading → ]

Why we love them With their healthy amounts of fiber, many nutritionists recommend pomegranates for weight loss and to help lower cholesterol levels. Pomegranates are low in saturated fats and cholesterol while also providing a great source of vitamin C. The beautiful inside of a pomegranate is filled with ruby-red arils, or seed sacs, that [ continue reading → ]

Why we love them Many of us think of nettles as the prickly plant that packs a painful or prickly touch. But don’t keep your distance just yet! Nettles just happen to be Nature’s MULTI-vitamin bursting at the seams with vitamins and minerals in the perfect balanced ratios. Don’t believe me? Download our handy chart. [ continue reading → ]

why we love them Collard greens are one of the best sources of vitamin C as well as providing vitamin K and soluble fiber. Full of glucosinolates, this cruciferous vegetable has the ability to lower inflammatory toxins and fight off cancer. Collard greens have a bit of a stronger flavor than spinach and can be [ continue reading → ]

Celery ROOT otherwise known as celeriac. It’s the unsung hero that gets no fame as it’s “older brother” – celery STALK claims the fame. No more hiding Mr. Celery root, it’s time to trumpet your benefits from the hilltops. Between it’s digestive and adrenal supporting love, celeriac deserves a spot in your refrigerator and plate. [ continue reading → ]

Why we love it Cacao is the original chocolate coming from the seeds of the fruit on the cacao trees. Unfortunately, what most of us think of as chocolate contains no actual cacao. Real cacao has a rich and slightly bitter chocolate flavor and cacao nibs can add a nice crunch to your smoothies or [ continue reading → ]

History and Why We Love Them Tiny as they might be, flaxseeds pack a punch. In general, seeds tend to be rich in nutrients and many have their own unique health benefits. However, flax also provide us with additional distinctive nutritional benefits that aren’t found among other seeds. Just [ONE ounce] of flax contains [8 [ continue reading → ]

Besides their exhilarating flavor and vibrant color, lemons are nature’s “sugar craving antidote.” Next time you reach for that sugar “pick me up,” simply spritz some lemon juice into a glass of water and you will be thrilled by the outcome. 4 other benefits to consuming lemon water include: Improves Digestion: Lemon juice kick starts [ continue reading → ]

Milk thistle. Sounds scary right? I mean thistles are the “weeds” you avoid in the woods. Before you brush this thistle off, take a moment to reconsider MILK thistle as it has potent therapeutic properties particularly with the liver and as you’ll recall from your highschool biology class, the liver is our main filtration organ [ continue reading → ]