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Why we love it Bee pollen consists of small, golden granules that are sweet in taste. It is collected from bees while gathering nectar for honey, and is packed within the hive to be used as food for young bees. Used by humans for its health benefits for hundreds of years, it was considered to [ continue reading → ]

In order to properly introduce you to my good friend… purple cabbage, I want to take you on the journey from farm to plate. The red cabbage journey Farm This just in, cabbage are apparently NOT the source of children. They are however the source of many vitamins and other digestion boosting properties. Red cabbage, [ continue reading → ]

The most popular foods in the marketplace tend to be either sweet or salty. Unfortunately, most of these foods are heavily processed and contain a slew of preservatives. Next time you are at the store, challenge yourself to find one naturally bitter food. Our “bitter-phobic” culture If you find the idea of eating bitter foods [ continue reading → ]

Isn’t it fantastic when you find out that one of the foods you appreciate is extra-beneficial to your health? Serendipity! Many of us already incorporate cinnamon into our diets, whether it be through a spiced latte or as a seasoning. Let’s dig into the ins and outs of cinnamon. Where should i purchase cinnamon? Market [ continue reading → ]