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  • THIS make at home facial mask is good enough to eat.


  • What do I do about dry skin? 
    • omega 3s! [fish oil + walnuts + flaxseeds are top source]
    • If supplementing consider 1000 mg fish oil OR 1 Tbsp flax oil per day
    • Ellie’s favorite essential fatty acid blend is called Total EFA
  • What do I do about acne prone skin for a teenager?
    • Look first at decreasing sugar intake
    • Then take a look at estrogen dominance [especially if this is in a female]
    • Sources of estrogen include plastics + cleaning products
    • Increase consumption of cruciferous vegetables [1-2 cups per day!]
      • broccoli + cauliflower + cabbage + brussels + kale
    • Then look at liver health using both citrus infused hydration and herbs [milk thistle + burdock + Oregon grape]


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