One on One Mentorship

Welcome. I’m so happy you’re here.

I see you. If you’re feeling defeated and confused by all of the choices around food, and by your own symptoms of imbalance, I understand. I’ve been there, too.

You are the reason I built Simply Nourished. Together, we’ll bring you back to wellness, clarity, and confidence through holistic lifestyle and nutrition protocols designed just for you.

Here is what you can expect from our time together:

Before We Begin

You may be overwhelmed by the symptoms of imbalance and the stress of too many choices with not enough clarity. This is the ideal time to pause and think about which of these feelings you’re managing. Maybe even make mental check marks that pertain to you as you read:

deep stress
hormone imbalance
weight gain

Your Transformation Goes Like This

We’ll begin with a 90-minute consultation. During our conversation, we’ll start to home in on exactly what you need to thrive. Based on our time together, I will create:

A big-picture roadmap for your experience with me. We’ll continue to develop this roadmap as we work together, building trust, filling in context, and shaping your journey around exactly what unlocks your very best self.

A detailed outline of tangible [daily] actions for every aspect of your wellness strategy, from sleep to food to energy balance and stress relief. Consider your questions around food and lifestyle answered. It’s a solution tailored just for you. #swoon

How We’ll Plan the Journey

Each journey to wellness is unique. Yours will take shape around the delicate details of your story. During our first conversation, we’ll personalize your plan by deciding on a package of follow-up sessions. We’ll choose 4, 6, or 8 sessions—just the right number to create your permanent transformation.

Steps Along the Way

Following our initial consultation, all packages will include these vital components:

  • A lab panel, ordered and drawn, that targets hormone balance, micronutrient status, or metabolic efficiency [we’ll determine your exact needs in our first consultation]. This clinical data will help us pinpoint the origin of your symptoms.
  • A comprehensive review of your lab findings.
  • Step-by-step instructions, based on our conversations and your lab results, for sleep + energy + digestion + hormone balance + weight + stress.
  • Morning, midday, and evening routines designed to give you consistency and prevent decision fatigue.
  • Custom-tailored breakfast, lunch and dinner options with our own delicious, nourishing recipes.
  • Beautifully designed templates for implementing your new protocols and a personalized binder to organize your information.

The Destination

Whether we plan 4, 6, or 8 consultations to reach your wellness goals, here’s what’s waiting for you at your destination:

confident freedom
balanced hormones

Tell Me More About You + Schedule your Discovery Call

A discovery call enables us to meet and explore what time under our care entails. We’ll discuss exactly what you need to thrive as well as timeline for transformation. Simply Nourished was built for women like you who crave this personalized [and oh so pampered] experience. It’s about time you feel seen and heard.

Yes, I am interested!

This call enables us to meet and explore what time under my care entails.