sesame seeds

Why We Love It

These unassuming little seeds seem to be everywhere- topping baked goods, sprinkled on stir-fry and adorning your salads.  But do you know how impactful these seeds can be to your health? Packed full of b vitamins and calcium, they can help sustain your energy levels and support strong bones and contain plenty of phytoestrogen as well. Phytoestrogen helps to boost estrogen levels helping to mitigate PMS symptoms.

Feast on Sesame Seeds

Good news: sesame seeds might be one of the easiest foods to incorporate into your diet! They can be added to granola, bread and muffins, smoothies, and salads or even just to top a stir-fry. But if you’re looking for other more creative ways to gain the health benefits of sesame seeds, check out some of our favorite recipes from around the web!


Seed Cycling Balls


Tahini Honey Collagen Energy Balls


Honey Sesame Chicken


Tahini Sauce


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