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Remember how I mentioned that fiber has the capacity to drastically benefit the heart, waist line AND blood sugar? I also gave you some 60 second techniques for adding more fiber to your day. If you haven’t had the chance to snack on this juicy info yet, click HERE!

Now I’m taking you one step further and offering some unconventional tactics to convert your standard staples into fiber feasts. Read below why each SIMPLE SWAP offers much more than just fiber.


Refined flour has snuck it’s way into every household via breads, cookies, crackers…you name it! Unfortunately, traditional flour has very little to offer besides a rush in blood sugar and (when consumed regularly) a drop in serotonin levels due to the lack of essential amino acid L-Trptophan. This may help account for rampant increase in clinical depression, anxiety and some forms of ADD/ADHD.

The other apparent issue sweeping our nation is a newfound intolerance for flours containing gluten. Part of this stems from the refining process of gluten containing grains but the other contributing factor is the excessive hybridization of the grain, rendering it a foreign entity to the body. You may be thinking… “Okay! I’ll just go gluten free!”. Before you hit the “gluten free parade,” remember that gluten free flours can be just as processed (if not more!). While properly prepared grains may offer some health benefits, take the guessing game out of picking out flours or reading long-winded labels by simply swapping out your traditional white flour for a nut flour. Not only does it contain more fiber, but it will also pack a punch of protein and fat that your body can actually utilize. As you test the nut flour world, make sure to use recipes designed for nut flours as the conversion is not 1:1.

Before you hit the “gluten free parade,” remember that gluten free flours can be just as processed (if not more!).


While dairy (especially the raw and whole varieties) can be quite nourishing, the typical yogurt has been highly processed and laden heavily with sugar, flavor and preservatives. Instead of falling prey to the notion that all yogurt is a health food, check your label carefully and make sure to choose a plain variety made with whole milk. Not only will less be more satisfying due to the quality fats and proteins within it, but your body will also be offered the nutrients it craves in a recognizable format. Bump your choice up to the next level by sprinkling in some chia seeds. This simple addition will add fiber and a desirable consistency similar to tapioca pudding. Avoiding dairy? I’ve got you covered too. Blend an avocado with some coconut milk and raw cocoa powder for an avocado pudding that is brimming with fiber, quality fat and that smooth creamy texture that is bound to please any palate.


Similar to yogurt, milk has been the victim of drastic alterations. It is possible to find more wholesome sources of milk on the shelf if you keep your eyes peeled for the grass-fed, whole variety but the majority of what lines the shelf will also leave you craving more. Not only that, but since raw milk cannot be legally sold on shelves (at least here in the state of Colorado), you won’t be able to commercially acquire a milk that still has it’s health promoting proteins (i.e immunoglobulins) intact. If you have but 5 minutes to spare, you can make your own milk from nuts or seeds. In doing so, you will benefit from more fiber AND the delectable appeal of a “fresh batch of milk.” Click HERE to learn how to make hemp milk.


I’m thrilled to see the sugar content of juice being exposed more regularly; however, I can’t help but imagine juice connoisseurs still exist when I see the vast varieties lining the shelves. A simple swap from juice to the fruit from which it was squeezed will give nature a sigh of relief as we accept the WHOLE package of fiber nutrients and sweetness. By tricking nature and extracting only the juice, we are only tricking ourselves into believing the “all natural = healthy ” lie.


This is easy when you start making the SIMPLE SWAPS outlined above. I also created a little chart outlining 8 tasty treats filled to the brim with fiber.

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