[soul sunday] chasing ideal vs embracing real

With every new season [and summer is no exception], I get this splashy wave of insight that breed deep “ponderings” and more often than not a pretty big audit to my habits.

It hurts sometimes to question how I live my life. But on the other side of the “question trench,” I somehow always feel so grateful for the invitations to continually [and mercilessly] edit my life.

As of late, my thoughts have been deeply rooted in this idea that peace exists only in the real and not the ideal.

In working with gorgeous women around the country, who are [as we all are] inundated with messaging around what ideal looks like. I have yet to lead someone to a place of ideal.

Instead what I’m finding in my own life and am committed to teaching is the power of real.

Real is messy.

It’s unstructured.

It can often be a train wreck.

But if we look REAL in the face and commit to the realness of the entire spectrum of feelings [not just joy!], it’s there that we find peace.

Abstract aside, here’s what I mean.


  • eat vegetables dawn to dusk like an adorable little rabbit


  • pop some slightly old but chopped vegetables in your bag for the pool [or carpool for that matter] calling it a major win


  • losing 20 pounds in a month like you’re seeing all over instagram


  • experiencing micro-shifts weekly in body composition hinged around consistent habits you could foresee adhering to for the rest of your life


  • discovering zen // joy // and presence daily in all things


  • finding 5 min to meditate in the morning and 2 minutes to breathe midday and 1 minute to journal your gratitude in the evening making a gorgeous memory along the way


Think about it.

What are the “ideals” that are sirens calling to you from the screen of your phone as you scroll through [often falsified] depictions of an [unrealistic] ideal?

And how can you commit to the wet sloppy messy but oh so joyful REAL in your life?

Because in the REAL is where we experience life.

And in the REAL is where we find ourselves. The true essence. And what our needs are.

But when we continue to chase IDEAL we only find ourselves lost and more disconnected than ever.

I certainly have not figured out how to live in the real and fall prey on. the. daily. to my obsession with ideal.

But I’m committed to catching myself.

And as I sit here, sweaty [probably also stinky] and in need of a bang trim, I’m embracing the heat [the sweat], the love the joy and unstructured playfulness of summer.

So unstructured that I forgot to schedule a bang trim.

Signing off…

Your [committed to real] functional dietitian,


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