[soul sunday] curiosity – the ultimate “detergent” for anxiety

As I continue the work I do in lifestyle architecture, targeted nutrition and immersive wellness, it’s my devotion to show up for you as the most integrated version of myself.

And as I continue to evolve, here’s what I’m discovering…

The capacity to FEEL is often trained out of us but it CAN be re-trained.

As a high performance athlete, I’ve admittedly trained myself NOT to feel.

Numbness was my ultimate superpower when it came to hard practices, mental grit and top-notch performance.

What I’m learning and teaching on the daily now though is how our capacity to FEEL is the conduit to deep self-discovery, evolution, and presence.

Brene Brown speaks to the potency, complexity and power of human emotions in her newest book Atlas of the Heart. As I review the inventory of emotions, what I’m realizing is that I’m not even sure I know what some of the emotions listed feel like.

Here… take a peek at her inventory for yourself.

When was the last time you described your state of emotion other than happy, sad, tired, or mad?

Resorting on the daily to this reductive description of our emotional experience matters.

And here’s why: our experience of our world is limited by how we define it.

Ludwig Wittgenstein said it best when he said: “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

Translation: what we feel defines what and how we live.

So expanding our vocabulary [a Rolodex vs flash card] of how we’re actually feeling is step one to expanding the world in which we live- actually remembering it, and knowing what we need to thrive.

If this is new [possibly foreign] to you but you’re curious… GOOD!

Curiosity is indeed the “detergent” to the anxiety that surrounds the novelty of tuning into what you feel.

What would it look like to just… notice what you’re feeling every single day with a sense of… receptive curiosity.

Something like: “Oh! That’s what that feels like!”

With this child-like curiosity, there is no pressure to feel a certain way. With this receptive curiosity, we allow ourselves to experience a situation for what it is not what we expect it to be. But most importantly, curiosity dissolves fear around feeling feels unfelt.

So here’s my challenge to you [and yes I’m walking beside you practicing every single day too].

Walk into each and every day with a mental pen and paper in hand with the intention to feel, note what you feel, and experience what you feel.

Take inventory of what you feel and notice patterns.

From there you’ll more easily be able to identify what you need more of, needs unmet and what enables you to thrive.

Feeling happy is not the goal.

FEELING is the goal.

You in? Thought so.

Ready. Set. FEEL!

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