[soul sunday] giving the busy cult the boot

How are you?




That [used to be] my first response too.

It’s normal!

Expected even.

But not what I want my default to be anymore.

I’m over letting the word busy define me.

But it’s so much more complicated than that isn’t it?

We’ve been groomed to seek busy and even hide behind it’s “badge of honor.”

And yet, a response of “I’m NOT busy I’m BALANCED” can come off as self righteous or dare I say… lazy!


There is no magic potion.

But here’s what I do know… you are so much more than the word “busy”.

But it takes guts to proclaim otherwise.

Maybe even more importantly it takes deep daily reflection to define what you truly are, what you value and what brings you to life.

The best place to start?

Practice catching yourself respond to even the most informal check in from even the most distant stranger with the word busy.

Here are some spoon-fed alternatives to play around with, chew on, or ditch as you land upon your authentic response.

Hey how are you?

  • “You know what? I’m in a season of balance right now!”
  • “I am in a space of deep purpose right now.”
  • “I feel full but I’m working on refining out excess.”
  • “I’m feeling a sense of peace today.”
  • “Today I’m being taught how to be patient.”

Whether you practice one of these (assuming they really are a reflection of what you’re feeling) or you playfully explore your own transparent response, my challenge to you is this…


Practice daily.

Because when you practice saying you’re busy, it turns out you become busy and the busy-ness defines you.

No more!

Jump ship with me!

Let’s blow this popsicle stand together.

To you and your un-busied self.

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