The Table Application

In registering for The Table you’re committing to your future vibrant self.  I’m so proud of you. This is it!


The Table membership application tells us your story allowing us to celebrate YOU and your commitment.

After filling out the form below you will be automatically re-directed to the registration & payment page – please choose monthly, quarterly or the yearly option and set up your account.

This Quarter of The Table is tailor made for you, if:

  • breast tenderness
  • mid-section puff [with no purpose]
  • irritability // mood swings // cyclical anxiety
  • painful cramping
  • anxiety // depression
  • heavy cycles
  • irregular cycles
  • acne
  • thinning hair
  • 2 am wake up call
  • hot flashes // night sweats
  • achy joints
  • brain fog

    The topics I crave insight on the most include:
    hormone balanceanxiety reliefweight stagnationconsistent and balance food choicesadrenal fatigue resolution (more energy!)GI distressfill in the blank

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    We are so very excited about welcoming you into The Table.

    Cheers to the start of something very good!

    Ellie + the Simply Nourished Team