• Ellie Freeman, Holistic Nutritionist in Denver Colorado

Simply Nourished is a holistic nutrition therapy business based in Denver Colorado. I provide personal nutrition consultations, group cleanses and a variety of services from meal planning to personal cheffing. My areas of expertise includes promoting holistic health and digestive wellness with whole foods using a functional medicine approach.


Ellie Freeman, holistic nutritionist in Denver COYou have no idea how excited I have been to post this blog as it marks the launch of my very own Nutrition Business: Simply Nourished. Who would have thought that all those years of eating goldfish and chugging down Gatorade just to survive swim practice would one day manifest itself in a full-fledged nutrition consulting business?

In order to give you a true “taste” of what it means to be Simply Nourish(ed) I included a short video about what I was missing all those years and how I can use it to help YOU on your personal health journey.

Ellie Freeman is explaining the whole foods that can be used as functional medicine to fight seasonal allergies


With Spring in full swing, the earth is brimming with color, life and… POLLEN. Join me on the FOX news stage as I share with you my 4-favorite SEASONAL ALLERGY-FIGHTING FOODS so that you can find both PREVENTION and RELIEF with FOOD instead of medication. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW! -note that the video takes a couple seconds to […]

Fresh herbs that can be used to cleanse the body naturally. This is one of the whole food approaches to cleansing that Holistic Nutritionist Ellie Freeman talks about in the video


Spring is in the air and according to any nutrition magazine or health journal you read, ‘Tis the season to cleanse! Before you jump on any “strict cleansing diet bandwagon”, I want to simplify your life and give you 3 of my favorite cleansing tools that don’t necessitate any fasting or deprivation. Instead, these 3 […]

Ellie Freeman talking about whole foods and their relation to cholesterol levels


As with many other nutrition topics, there are  MISCONCEPTIONS about the consumption of cholesterol. What ROLE does it play in the body? Should I avoid foods with CHOLESTEROL? How do I MANAGE my cholesterol levels? Watch this video to find out all this and more!