• Ellie Freeman, Holistic Nutritionist in Denver Colorado


Ellie Freeman, holistic nutritionist in Denver CO

Simply Nourished is a holistic nutrition therapy business based in Denver Colorado. I provide personal nutrition consultations, group cleanses and a variety of services from meal planning to personal cheffing. My areas of expertise includes promoting holistic health and digestive wellness with whole foods using a functional medicine approach.


Everyday, women walk into my office craving more energy to get through the day. Some fight the 2-3pm midafternoon slump, while others can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning. Some spend the day in a foggy haze of tiredness only to feel so over-tired at bed time that they simply can’t fall […]

IN THE KITCHEN: celery • root

Celery ROOT otherwise known as celeriac. It’s the unsung hero that gets no fame as it’s “older brother” – celery STALK claims the fame. No more hiding Mr. Celery root, it’s time to trumpet your benefits from the hilltops. Between it’s digestive and adrenal supporting love, celeriac deserves a spot in your refrigerator and plate. […]


About this time every year a few wonderful things happen that really get me excited… day light savings makes the days longer, trees and flowers bloom signaling warmer days ahead and… the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases its annual Dirty Dozen list. Okay so maybe I’m only a nutrition nerd and you aren’t excited by […]