• Ellie Freeman, Holistic Nutritionist in Denver Colorado


Ellie Freeman, holistic nutritionist in Denver CO

Simply Nourished is a holistic nutrition therapy business based in Denver Colorado. I provide personal nutrition consultations, group cleanses and a variety of services from meal planning to personal cheffing. My areas of expertise includes promoting holistic health and digestive wellness with whole foods using a functional medicine approach.


Metabolism… we know we want it working, and we want it fast, but what is it- really? With so many diets, fasts, detoxes, and cleanses out there claiming to speed up our metabolism, how do we know what really works? And what’s healthy and safe? This month we’ll dive into the topic of metabolism, giving […]


We don’t always think of skin as an organ, but it is in fact our largest organ. Your skin has many roles, including acting as a barrier to the outside world, protecting you from infection, regulating your body temperature, and manufacturing vitamin D. Plus, let’s be honest…it looks good when it’s glowing and healthy. [Not […]

NUTRITION Rx: lustrous skin

Skin care! Besides food, this is probably my most favorite topic to talk about. I’m a complete “girlie girl” when it comes to beauty products. Truthfully if I wasn’t a nutritionist I’d probably be an aesthetician, that’s how much I love it! Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t walk past a make-up store without […]