• Ellie Freeman, Holistic Nutritionist in Denver Colorado


Ellie Freeman, holistic nutritionist in Denver CO

Simply Nourished is a holistic nutrition therapy business based in Denver Colorado. I provide personal nutrition consultations, group cleanses and a variety of services from meal planning to personal cheffing. My areas of expertise includes promoting holistic health and digestive wellness with whole foods using a functional medicine approach.

Registered Dietitian Ellie Freeman outlines the role tomatoes, parsnips and blueberries play in immune protection.


A change in season puts a stress on the immune system but there is no reason to fall prey to a cold, flu or any other immune system compromise when the colorful produce we have at our fingertips is BRIMMING with immune defense such as vitamin C, B vitamins and antioxidants. In this segment I […]

FUNCTIONAL FOOD: t o m a t o

Enjoy this soundbite about tomatoes and then scroll to the bottom where you will find a fun recipe to put them to work. Ready to put tomatoes to the test? Enter your information below to enjoy a gazpacho soup brimming with flavor AND function.   subscribed: 0 Email Marketingby GetResponse

Holistic Nutritionist Ellie Freeman outlines the top three tips for lustrous summer skin


Summer is finally in full swing as evidenced by a little more Summer is finally in full swing as evidenced by a little more bravery in the baring of arms. When the shorts roll out and sweaters get tucked away it’s time to celebrate skin’s shimmer, clarity and glow. If this is starting to sound […]