The Table

the table

[a nourished membership where women come back to life from cell to soul]


You have arrived at “The Table”.

The Table has been carefully crafted to serve women daily doses of clarity and confidence around topics that often breed guilt // shame // stagnation. 

The Table is a membership devoted to getting you “unstuck” in every facet of your wellness.  

Beside you are gorgeous women across the country who [like you and I] crave more joy, self-care, confidence and ANSWERS to their most pressing health concerns.

Just as a balanced and sturdy table has 4 legs, this Table has 4 “pillars” devoted to the topics I know to be most foundational for balanced wellness.

Each quarter is devoted to the topics as shown below:

During each quarter together we will slough off excess, making space for new life-giving habits in each and every aspect of your wellness.

The milestone of completion? Feeling alive again.


You will be pampered by…

All of this is what I wish someone would build for me. So now that I’ve put in the footwork to understand and teach the science, I can’t help but put it all on a “silver platter” for you. 

…Because on the other side of each quarter is a newfound admiration for a body you love, a lifestyle worth celebrating and the motivation to continue.


Simply Nourished is designed for women just like you who wholeheartedly believe that food is a form of medicine but feel “stuck.”

Too much information [noise]; not enough personalized wisdom.

Enter, The Table – a space of community + direction.

Whether you are new to Simply Nourished, or have been through my foundational program and maybe even worked with me in 1:1 mentorship, The Table embellishes your wellness journey by meeting you where you are at in the comfort of your home, joined by a community of other women seeking the exact same direction // transformation. It’s when you feel seen and heard that you experience transformation from cell to soul nourishment.



Something is not right. 

What were once subtle changes in your body are now glaringly obvious. 

Aches + pains linger longer. 

Sleep is no longer restful [hello hot flashes!!]. 

You feel all the puff [with no purpose] around the waistline.

The joy of being a mother or even being present for yourself has become laborious instead of full of love. 

Little things that used to be… just that… little things now seem super triggering. 

And the cloudy brain fog just won’t quit.

Your friends are feeling it too. So maybe this is all part of normal aging? 

But yet your inner intuitive prowess won’t accept that as the answer. 

And thank heavens for that!

The Table is a space designed for the women of this world who are over taking the punitive measures to try to fit into their skinny jeans that are just a squeak too small. 

The Table is a space for women who are energetically done with dieting and obsessing about being skinny but instead want to feel alive again. 

Each quarter of the Table is dedicated to the powerful huntresses who seek alignment with their bodies. 

This quarter is specifically dedicated to the intricacies of the hormonal milieu // the ebbs and flow of the cycle and the navigation of the following symptoms of hormone imbalance: 

  • breast tenderness
  • mid-section puff [with no purpose]
  • irritability // mood swings // cyclical anxiety
  • painful cramping
  • anxiety // depression
  • heavy cycles
  • irregular cycles
  • acne 
  • thinning hair
  • 2 am wake up call
  • hot flashes // night sweats
  • achy joints
  • brain fog
  • a seemingly non-existent relationship with your body

My purpose, passion, training and wisdom hinge around leading you [alongside a whole community of women] toward a space where you intuitively know how to eat, how to lean into your desires, and marinate your soul in joy. 

Newsflash: hormone balance is at the helm of this journey.

So for 3 months, I’m dedicating my time and energy to handing you a roadmap tailored to:

  • the powerful wisdom behind how to eat for hormone balance 
    • playful simple recipes will be spoon fed to you weekly
  • the specific nutritional, herbal and lifestyle tools to spot and address 
    • estrogen dominance and estrogen deficiency 
    • testosterone dominance and deficiency
    • and of course the infamous progesterone deficiency
  • a gorgeous community of Table Sisters walking beside you on this sacred journey

Hey you!  

What you are going through is a software change upgrade mediated by hormone fluctuations! 

You aren’t expired. 

And as you enter into the Table community you will feel seen + heard and not alone as you embrace this upgrade understanding how to leverage it to unlock your fullest potential. 

Is that a hell yes? I thought so!

Why? because you ARE worth it. 

a quick note: you can choose to sign up for only this quarter exclusively celebrating hormone balance OR you can choose to commit to all 4 quarters of the Table kicking your journey off with hormone balance and then segueing into digestion, metabolism and energy.

Membership for Q3 is closed. We look forward to seeing you for Q4 and connecting on social media.


The membership is application based to ensure the women who join are accompanied by like-minded souls.

Once we reply, you have two options:

You can choose to commit to just 1 topic [i.e 1 quarter] or the full year [all 4 topics – paid monthly]

  • Investment for 1 quarter: $240 [paid up front]
  • Investment monthly: $48 [per month – full year commitment]

By joining, you will walk away feeling seen + heard. #medicinalsoulfood


    • After your application is accepted, you must pay + register via PayPal [setting up your membership + portal access] for both monthly membership and 1 time [quarterly] topics.
    • All materials will be hosted in your private membership portal [for safe keeping].
    • Our workshops include live member Q + A. You will be prompted to ask your questions before each workshop so whether you can join or not your questions will be answered.

Click here for FAQs regarding The Table →


“I realized this morning as I was packing food, how grateful I am to this group and to Ellie for all the tools I have. I instinctively knew that packing healthy food was the best I could do for myself to sanely make it through the day, as my office is still open (which is baffling to me) and I’m at work while hubby and kids are at home….”

― Sara Seeburg

“You are amazing, Ellie! I love your positivity, forgiveness mentality and encouraging ways!! I will work on being more patient. Meanwhile, I will also employ my new favorite quote that I learned from an AMR podcast guest. “Abandon the idea of what it should look like and trust the process. Don’t do it alone!” Thanks for showing me a new process and holding my hand through it. I realize that this looks different for everyone so I will trust the process!”

― Gina Gardner Brown

“Two years ago I reached a point where I was teetering on the edge of an autoimmune disorder and had one of those something-must-change moments. Over the past 22 months or so I’ve lost more than 20 pounds. I still have a low-grade autoimmune issue (Reynauds and mystery numbness in my hands) but it is manageable. A lot of the other symptoms that I’d become so used to – low-grade nausea, constant headaches, bloating – they all slowly disappeared too. I still do not eat enough vegetables, I still have a lot to learn, but I feel so much healthier. But there was no overnight success. So please stay the course – it is so worth it in the long run!”

― Shannon Shields

“I just have to gush for a few… I’ve now been eating in this way for almost a complete hormonal cycle, and somehow this month, I didn’t have the out-of-control food cravings! I did crave the mint smoothie and the snikerdoodle smoothie, but somehow, those feel ok to “treat” myself with. And they do feel and taste like treats. What a gift! I have felt fed and nourished! I know I am still learning and have habits to break, but even more than the scale going down (6.2 lbs!), I feel good! Someone offered me a chocolate bar today, and I had absolutely NO desire to reach for it. I’ve never had that experience before. I look forward to the continued unfolding of this journey because it is so game-changing! Thank you!!!!”

― E Lela McCaffrey


Anytime you’re about to try something new, trust in your mentor’s wisdom makes a world of difference. Am I right? As you consider this investment in yourself, click HERE to learn more about me [Ellie] and what my health journey + education have entailed. 

You’ll quickly be reminded you are not alone. The information being presented monthly was spurred by my first-hand experience of circuitous health issues paired with my deep investment in the education required to know the biochemistry of the body intimately. 

As I sift through the research, the facts and the data, I make decisions for you driven by a heart-felt longing for you to strike balance in a sustainable way.

 A partnership built on wisdom + trust breeds transformation and joy. 

Cheers to the start of something very good!