The Table

a virtual masterclass + community membership

[a forum where women come back to life from cell to soul]



You have arrived at “The Table”.

*While membership is currently closed until April 2020, we encourage you to read on and stay connected*

The Table has been carefully crafted to serve women daily doses of clarity around topics that breed guilt // shame // stagnation and is graced by the presence of gorgeous women across the country who [like you and I] crave more joy, self-care, confidence and ANSWERS to their most pressing nutrition + questions.

Just as a balanced and sturdy table has 4 legs to stand, this Table has 4 “pillars” devoted the topics I know to be most foundational for balanced wellness.


Over the course of the year we will, together, slough off excess, making space for new life-giving habits in each and every aspect of your wellness.

The milestone of completion? Balance. Sweet, sweet balance.

By joining this virtual membership you will be inspired to take action with tangible tools that will [permanently] bring those wellness goals of yours to fruition.

Oh and did I mention? You’re not alone.  I’m holding your hand [as are all the other women “seated” at The Table].


Every quarter we focus on one topic for 3 full months to ensure you have the time you need to build new [atomic] habits, troubleshoot, personalize and transform.

Here’s what you can expect:

In joining the table my promise to you is this…

You will be pampered by:

  • decisions made for you [driving direction in your wellness journey]
  • shortcuts in the kitchen spotlighted for you [saving you time to pursue your passions]
  • a whole new repertoire of recipes delivered straight to your inbox [showcasing the perfect balance of macro + micronutrients for the topic at hand]
  • weekly meal planning tutorial [enabling you to put the recipes to work]
  • specific product + food + resource recommendations [no more searching the aisles aimlessly]
  • daily routine design built upon the atomic habits taught each week [i.e you living your best life]
  • cutting edge research, driving more advanced directives [inaccessible via any google search]
  • a private forum for discussion / questions / celebration and support [the priceless reminder that you are not alone in your journey]

All of this is what I wish someone would build for me, so now that I’ve put in the footwork to learn the science, pairing it with practical application I can’t help but put it all on a “silver platter” for you. Because on the other side of each topic exploration is newfound admiration for your body you love, a lifestyle worth celebrating and the motivation to continue.


Simply Nourished is designed for women just like you who wholeheartedly believe that food is a form of medicine but are feeling stuck.

Too much information [noise]; not enough personalized wisdom.

Enter, The Table – a space of community + direction.

Whether you are new to Simply Nourished, or have been through my foundational program and maybe even worked with me in 1:1 mentorship, The Table embellishes your wellness journey by meeting you where you are at in the comfort of your home, joined by a community of other women seeking the exact same direction // transformation. It’s when you feel seen and heard that you experience that cell to soul nourishment.


The membership is application based to ensure the women who join are accompanied by like-minded souls. Here are your options:

You can choose to commit to just 1 topic [i.e 1 quarter] or the full year [all 4 topics – paid monthly]

Investment for 1 quarter: $240 [paid up front]

Investment monthly: $48 [per month – full year commitment]

By joining, you will walk away feeling seen + heard. #medicinalsoulfood

*While membership is currently closed until April 2020, we encourage you to read on and stay connected*

THE LINE UP: jan – march – solving the metabolism mystery [a roadmap back to those skinny jeans]

This masterclass series is for you if you:
  1. suffer from cravings
  2. have had a myriad of diets fail
  3. are too busy to excercise [endlessly to keep weight off]
  4. don’t know how to cook [or maybe just want to save some time in the kitchen]
  5. are overwhelmed
  6. have dietary restrictions [and need a simple way to clean things up]


    • After your application is accepted, you must pay + register via PayPal [setting up your membership + portal access] for both monthly membership and 1 time [quarterly] topics.
    • All materials for each month will be sent via email and hosted in your private membership portal [for safe keeping].
    • All virtual workshops include live member Q + A. You will be prompted to ask your questions before each workshop so whether you can join or not your questions will be answered.

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Anytime you’re about to try something new, trust in your mentor’s wisdom makes a world of difference. Am I right? As you consider this investment in yourself, click HERE to learn more about Ellie and what her health journey + education have entailed. You’ll quickly be reminded you are not alone. The information being presented monthly was spurred by Ellie’s first-hand experience of circuitous health issues paired with her deep investment in the education required to know the biochemistry of the body intimately. As she sifts through the research, the facts and the data, she makes decisions for you driven by her heart-felt longing for you to strike balance in a sustainable way. A partnership built on wisdom + trust breeds transformation and joy. Cheers!